The Mother of All Jobs – the Best Gift from One Mother to Another

Christine Armstrong’s The Mother of All Jobs is my pick for solid advice on being a mother in today’s unfair work scenario.

I’m a mother of an almost-two-year-old boy, who finds it hard to read more than a few pages of a book in one go; who takes an entire day to watch a movie on Netflix, sometimes several days. All this started happening after the birth of my son. Before his arrival, I could read an entire book in one sitting and binge watch an entire season of a hit show in one night. As funny as it may sound, working mothers know what a struggle it is to get any freelance work done when you have a kid who enjoys tearing the pages of any book lying around, and loves to hammer the keypad and screen of the laptop and pull at wires charging the computer.

When I read the title of Christine Armstrong’s book The Mother of All Jobs: How to Have Children and a Career and Stay Sane(ish) I knew the book was written for me! The blurb read, “The Mother of All Jobs ignores the glossy lives presented on social media and in magazines to show that, it’s not always pretty, working mothers can thrive if they have the knowledge others learnt the hard way”; this book was definitely written for me!

The book contains insightful interviews of moms who are either working full time or part time or freelancing or taking care of their kids. While the scenarios differ what remains constant is the struggle. While you may not relate completely with every story in the book you always find something in common. By the end of the book you realize that you are every woman in the book! With every scenario that Armstrong narrates, she suggests a small solution that could have turned things around or perhaps prevented it from happening in the first place.

The beauty of the book is that it is written in such a way that you can visit your current parenting phase without reading the previous stories, which wouldn’t matter to you anyway, now that you have already passed it. You can just jump to any phase of parenting and not be bothered with breaking the flow of the book or feeling lost. The book does not promise to take away all your parenting woes, it rather prepares you for your next phase of parenting.

If you are an expecting or a new mother, I highly recommend reading The Mother of All Jobs! It has definately helped me become sane(ish).

About the Author
Christine Armstrong is Contributing Editor of Management Today and co-founder of communications consultancy, Jericho Chambers. She’s married with three daughters and is – against her own advice – an active member of the school PTA.

Author: Christine Armstrong
Genre: Feminism
Publisher: Green Tree (Bloomsbury)
ISBN: 978-1-4729-5622-4
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Pages: 305
Original Language: English
Country: UK

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