Dude, Where’s My Blog?

A little over a year ago, I started my blog Book, Chai, and Backpack with the intention of sharing my thoughts on the books I read now and then. The blog had great response; one of them even featured on The Huffington Post! And then things got even sweeter – I was pregnant!

I must admit that over the nine months, the blog got ignored a bit, pretty much like an older child who is ignored on the arrival of a sibbling, or in this case, like my dog :P. I was now reading blogs on what to expect when you are pregnant and Googling things like, ‘why does my foot resemble an elephant’s foot’ or ‘I am eight months pregnant, is it normal to look like a whale’, or wondering if the increased number of trips I make to pee will solve Maharashtra’s drought problem.

And while I was lost in babyland, I forgot one important thing – I had taken a year’s subscription of the web hosting space for my blog.

A day after I gave birth to my baby, amidst all the calls I was getting from family and friends to congratulate me, I got a call from Blue Host to inform me that my subscription had expired and that I needed to renew it asap! I made a mental note to renew the plan as soon as I return home. As you can guess, it completely skipped my mind. A new mother has no time for anything else but her baby. I was barely sleeping, had no memory of eating (thankfully I stayed at my mom’s after delivery, who made sure I was fed well) and I am pretty sure I was functioning like a robot and looking like a zombie.

When the baby settled in the outside world a bit, I finally made that call only to be told that my blog had been deleted!!!

I was heartbroken!

Now, I wish I had some dramatic story to narrate here about how I overcame the heartbreak and decided to start over once again, but there is none. So here I am, in my second innings [not sure why I am using a Cricket reference here, when I hate the sport so much. Maybe it’s ‘coz I’m Indian and Cricket does run through our veins, as they say (I know, I’m rolling my eyes myself; just one of my boring dad jokes)].

So to cut the long story short, here’s my blog, and you will see me much more often this time, and that is a promise. The only good thing that came from this ordeal is that I learned a valuable lesson – do not have a baby around the time of your web hosting renewal 😉