The Mother of All Jobs – the Best Gift from One Mother to Another

Christine Armstrong’s The Mother of All Jobs is my pick for solid advice on being a mother in today’s unfair work scenario. I’m a mother of an almost-two-year-old boy, who finds it hard to read more than a few pages of…..

Winning Like Saurav: Think & Succeed Like Ganguly | Book Review

I have never been a fan of cricket. Why, then, would I pick this book, you may wonder. I like to read about people who have fought their way to the top; about people who have broken the mold, who…..

Birthing Naturally by Dr. Mahima Bakshi

Dr. Mahima Bakshi’s book, Birthing Naturally, is a guide to a stress-free pregnancy and natural childbirth. As a girl, the delivery scenes in movies filled me dread. As I watched the pregnant women on the screen wail in pain on…..

Why I Am A Hindu

Why I Am A Hindu by Shashi Tharoor is a beautiful book that describes the concept of Hinduism, explores how it’s followers practice it and what sets it apart from other religions. Shashi Tharoor has done a brilliant job of creating, what I would…..

The Inheritors: Stories of Entrepreneurship and Success

One look at the synopsis and you know you absolutely have to read the book. It promises all the scoop on some of the most successful family-owned businesses in India and does deliver to a large extent. Another reason for…..