Birthing Naturally by Dr. Mahima Bakshi

Dr. Mahima Bakshi’s book, Birthing Naturally, is a guide to a stress-free pregnancy and natural childbirth.

As a girl, the delivery scenes in movies filled me dread. As I watched the pregnant women on the screen wail in pain on the delivery table, I resolved to opt for a quick and painless C-Section delivery whenever my time would come. I couldn’t understand why anyone would opt such a painful way to deliver a baby when there are ways to do it – without any effort of pushing or a painful labour that lasts for several hours and at worst, days even.

When I got pregnant, two years ago, I started reading extensively on the topic and that is when I knew that natural birth is a far better option than a C-Sec, for both mother as well as the baby. I spent several hours, daily, researching on my baby’s progress, the changes in my body, and the ailments and mood swings they bring along. If only I had this book with me then, I would have saved several precious hours and sleepless nights worrying about my health and wondering what exactly was happening.

Birthing Naturally by Dr. Mahima Bakshi, is a comprehensive guide that covers all the vital topics on pregnancy such as:

The Importance of Natural Birth
Yes, today we are all aware that natural birth is far better than, what seems like a convenient, C-Section, but why exactly is it better? Do you know? This book begins by throwing light on all the reasons why natural birth should be the preferred method of delivery. An entire chapter has been dedicated on this topic.

The Three Trimesters of Pregnancy
Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters and the woman’s body goes through many changes as the baby develops over these trimesters. The book gives a step-by-step account of how the process takes place and how it will affect the expecting mother.

Relaxation and Exercise
While exercise helps an expecting mother stay fit, it also helps prevent several pregnancy-related problems. Birthing Naturally illustrates which exercises a pregnant woman can do in which trimester. These exercises are also shown in pictorial form for easy understanding. The book also lists some relaxation techniques to help deal with the anxiety of childbirth.

The book emphasises on bonding – with the baby as well as with your partner. The partner can help easy the anxiety an expecting mother has and can help her enjoy this period. Bonding with the baby will help his/her growth and will further enrich the experience. The book shows you how.

Shopping List for the Baby’s Arrival
Now this can be bit confusing for those expecting their first child. What to buy before the baby arrives? The book has a handy list, which most hospitals also give to expecting mothers.

Labour Time
Dr. Bakshi writes about the labour time in detail, describing what exactly happens during labour, the various stages of labour, the mindset of an expecting mother, breathing techniques, contractions, how others can help ease the process, and exercises that can be done during this time, with pictures.

So, Should You Buy the Book?
If you are an expecting parent, this book will be your guide throughout the pregnancy. It will also make for a great gift for any couple who is expecting. As a woman who has been there, done that, I feel that this book covers all the possible aspects of pregnancy.

About the Author
Dr. Mahima Bakshi is a renowned woman and child/adolescent wellness expert in Delhi-NCR (India). After completing her bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, she went on to undergo training in women’s health. She has been trained in prenatal, perinatal, postnatal and lactation education. Dr. Bakshi has received award from Union Information and Broadcasting Minister, Smriti Irani. She is a social activist and has been a health columnist for Absolute India, a Mumbai-based newspaper and is regularly interviewed by various television channels such as CNN-News18, News X, etc. Dr. Bakshi has worked at Apollo Cradle Royale, Fortis Escorts in Faridabad and Birthright and Rainbow Children’s Hospital in New Delhi.

Author: Dr. Mahima Bakshi
Genre: Non Fiction
Publisher: Ebury Press (Imprint of Penguin Random House)
ISBN: 9780143441809
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Pages: 216
Original Language: English
Country: India

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